A singleton's guide to the very best ice cream in SA

Feeling down that you're flying solo this Valentine's month? Take comfort in ice cream – it’s cool and it will never dessert you

13 February 2019 - 15:00
Just your luck being single on Valentine's Day.
Just your luck being single on Valentine's Day.
Image: 123RF/artissp

It’s that dreaded time of year for singletons when your coupled friends get gushy about their baes. As if being subjected to a barrage of cutesy messages and pictures of "true love" isn’t bad enough, not even your cat has bothered to get you a Valentine's card this year. Don’t worry, we’ll be your shoulder to cry on.

To help cheer you up, here’s a list of the best places to get creamy comfort as you karaoke-cry Bridget Jones-style.


Vegans have feelings too and, after you discovered that Tim was eating bacon behind your back, you might need to express your independence with ice cream in punchy, cruelty-free flavours. Luckily, YoCoco has your back.

Savvy owner and founder Sinenhlanhla Ndlela started the brand after she couldn’t find what she was looking for in the freezer section and now, while you’re trying to find love again, you can indulge — and be healthy too.


Even if Debbie didn’t come back from the store, at least this long-time Pretoria staple will never ghost you. Family establishment Royal Danish Ice Cream has been serving up happiness in a cone in a variety of rich and creamy flavours since 1987. And, like love, their moreish chocolate or caramel sauce topping, doesn’t cost a thing. Their ice cream, milkshakes, waffles and iced coffees you’ll have to pay for - but you will be the richer for it.


If you’re going to cry about the fact that Sipho slept with your sister it might as well be while you’re eating Unicorn-tear flavoured ice cream. Beyond Eish Kream's truly amazing name, you get buckets of fun in their waffle fish cones or happy little boxes, even if they don’t have rings in them. The multi-coloured spaghetti-like soft serve comes in a wide range of flavours, from sweet cream and lime to trendy charcoal.


Sure, you left Shirley at the altar but it’s okay because you’re still a good person on the inside. And, to prove it, you deserve a tub of Hannah McClean’s (Han-made, get it?) Kit-Kat ice-cream. In fact, although you have to give back Auntie Maude her wedding gift you should definitely keep that Han-Made ice cream club subscription, where you get three 600g tubs delivered to your door each month.


If you are looking for your next match, best you stake out Unframed where the ice cream is as cool as the people who frequent it. New flavours are added all the time in both the vegan and dairy varieties. Why “swipe right” on one when you can and get their five scoop “Tasting Flight” platter? Being single means you are allowed to be somewhat frivolous, ridiculous and delicious.