On the moo-ve: Che Argentine Grill's relocated to Parkwood

05 September 2019 - 00:00 By BELINDA MOUNTAIN
Che Argentine Grill is a meat lover's paradise.
Che Argentine Grill is a meat lover's paradise.
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Che Argentine Grill, the hugely popular food o­ffering from Oscar Farraldo and Bernado Corti, began when they started selling homemade empanadas in 2012 at the Market on Main in Joburg's Maboneng precinct.

The duo, who hail from Uruguay and Argentina respectively, quickly realised they were on to a good thing and opened their restaurant in Fox Street in 2015, specialising in various meat dishes including asado (short rib) and lomo con hueso (fillet on the bone).

After four good years there, they’ve recently decided to move premises. We spoke to them about the relocation.

What prompted the move from Maboneng to Parkwood?

We’ve been in Maboneng for the past four years. It was important to us to stay in the city, as that’s where it all began.

We had actually been looking for a second branch closer to the suburbs but sadly as the city rejuvenation project has not completed its final stages, we decided to make the move to a new and exciting property on Jan Smuts Avenue in Parkwood.

Lots of clients had been asking us to come closer to them and we listened!

Do you think patrons will differ between the two locations?

I think with any move you’ll get a new following, however, mostly clients did travel into town to come and experience Che, so we hope a lot of our existing customers will follow us to Parkwood too.

It’s a different area but the restaurant has got the same amazing atmosphere and quality food.

Any exciting plans for the new venue?

We’ve changed up the menu slightly and added some new dishes. It’s important to us to remember where we come from though, so we didn't want to change our formula too much.

Of course the new venue doesn't look exactly the same, although we’re growing a vegetable garden here too. We've also added some outside seating and a bigger grill.

Visit Che Argentine Grill at 128 Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood. See cheargentinegrill.co.za

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This article is adapted from one originally published in the Sunday Times Neighbourhood: Property and Lifestyle guide. Visit Yourneighbourhood.co.za