Left planning your Christmas feast to the last minute? We've done it for you!

This crowd-pleasing festive menu comes complete with drink suggestions, easy recipes and a shopping list

22 December 2019 - 00:02 By Lyn Woodward, Hilary Biller and Wade Bales
There's something for everyone in this crowd-pleasing Christmas feast.
There's something for everyone in this crowd-pleasing Christmas feast.
Image: Christoph Hoffman


Charred prawn skewers with lemon sesame dressing

Tanqueray London Dry Gin Martini; Constantia Glen Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Marmalade and sweet chilli glazed gammon cooked in ginger beer

Served with naartjie, olive and caper relish and grilled pineapple wedges

Aegir Project Midnight Porter Beer; Ernie Els Big Easy Merlot 2016

Moorish-style stuffed roast chicken

Non-alcoholic Seedlip Garden108 and tonic; Buitenverwachting Christine 2011

Festive Caprese salad 'wreath'

Da Luca Sparkling Rose Brut Prosecco; Stark Condè Dry Rosé 2019

Ruby red coleslaw with sweet ginger vinaigrette

Ginger Smash cocktail with Richland Rum; Beau Constantia Cecily Viognier 2017

Tropical fruit trifle

Glenmorangie Lasanta Single Malt Whisky 12YO; Klein Constantia Estate MCC Brut 2015




20 king prawns

3kg boneless gammon

1 large chicken or small turkey

500g butter

150g bocconcini or 1 large mozzarella ball

500ml fresh cream

1 litre milk


1 bottle olive oil

1 small bottle white wine vinegar

1 small rice wine vinegar

2 litre bottle of ginger beer

1 bottle sweet chilli sauce

1 small jar marmalade or smooth apricot jam

Sesame seeds

1 small bottle light soy sauce

1 small bottle sesame oil

1 sachet black olives

1 jar capers

1 jar harissa paste

1 tin dukkah (optional)

1 loaf white bread (to make the chicken stuffing)

1 jar basil pesto

1 jar lemon curd

1 readymade sponge cake

1 packet pineapple jelly

1 small packet coconut shavings

1 small packet dates

1 small packet sugar

250g good-quality white chocolate

1 dozen eggs

1 small bottle runny honey/maple syrup

Bay leaves


Whole black peppercorns

Star anise



Candied oranges (optional)

Vanilla extract

Powdered gelatine


8 lemons

2 carrots

1 bunch celery

1 large pineapple

2 naartjies or 2 small oranges

1 large bunch fresh parsley

1 large bunch fresh mint

1 large sachet of peeled butternut cubes

1 bag of onions

2 red onions

1 red pepper

1 punnet mixed cherry tomatoes

1 packet fresh thyme

1 bag of fresh rocket

1 bag of baby salad leaves

1 large bag of fresh basil

1 red cabbage

1 bunch radishes

1 bunch of beetroot

Fresh ginger

1 large pomegranate (or dried cranberries)

1 ripe mango

2 peaches or nectarines

4 apricots

1 bag of granadilla/passion fruit