Locktail hour and other fab food slang the world's cooked up during Covid-19

21 May 2020 - 00:00 By Sanet Oberholzer
Which locktail will you invent during your next virtual happy hour?
Which locktail will you invent during your next virtual happy hour?
Image: 123RF/betelgejze

The coronavirus has undoubtedly turned foodies' worlds upside down, from restricting visits to our favourite restaurants to taking away our beloved glasses of wine at dinner — in SA, at least.

People around the globe have also been cooking up a whole batch of delicious new slang words to describe life in the "new normal". They include some phrases we could never have conceived of a few months ago.

Here's some fun food lingo netizens have been using since the Covid-19 pandemic started: 

Quarantini (n): a martini, or any alcoholic drink, enjoyed in quarantine. 

Locktail - (n): any alcoholic beverage enjoyed during lockdown. Thanks to the booze ban, this sort of cocktail is typically mixed up from the remnants of one's drinks cabinet in SA.

Virtual happy hour(n): the new way to share a drink with friends - online while stuck at home.

Locktail hour – (n): cocktail hour in lockdown — and because it’s under lockdown, this needn't be reserved for the hour before dinner.

Isobar – (n): the bar you drink from at home during your virtual happy hour or locktail hour; the place you keep everything you need to mix up a quarantini or locktail.

#isobaking – (v): baking during isolation, usually to pass time. This hashtag is widely used when boasting about the results of one's baking session on social media.

Hamsteren – (v): from Dutch word for hoarding, meaning to stockpile food or stuff ones cheeks like a hamster.

Bored-eaux - (n): the wine consumed for lack of better things to do during lockdown.