RECIPE | Sausages roasted with wine and grapes

This is an easy and tasty way to jazz up good old bangers. Simply use plant-based sausages to turn it into a vegetarian dish

31 May 2020 - 00:00 By Hilary Biller
Sausages roasted with wine and grapes.
Sausages roasted with wine and grapes.
Image: Sunday Times Food archive

Serves: 4-6


6 quality pork, beef, lamb or vegetarian sausages (or you could use 600g boerewors)

Olive oil

250ml (1 cup) dry white wine (or use leftover sparkling wine or rose if preferred)* 

250g seedless white or black grapes, picked from the stalk* 

Knob of softened butter mixed with 5ml (1 tsp) flour

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

A handful of chopped parsley or sage

To serve:

Potato or sweet potato mash


  1. Prick the sausages so the wine can permeate them and give them good flavour.
  2. Preheat a pan with a dash of olive oil and fry the sausages till golden brown all over.
  3. Pour over the wine and add the grapes and cook till the sauce is reduced and syrupy. Add the butter and flour mixture. Season generously.
  4. Serve the sausages over the mash, drizzle with the pan juices and sprinkle with herbs. 


  • You can replace the wine with stock if you prefer.
  • You can replace the grapes with 125ml (½ cup) raisins (plump them up in boiling water for 10 minutes before draining )or use 400g apples, peeled, cored and quartered.


  • Nieuwe Haarlem Pinotage 2017: Gentle presence of oak, this wine rounds off with freshness on the palate, R90
  • Rhebokskloof Chardonnay 2018: Well-balanced acidity ensures good pairing potential, R95