Sweet Endings

Did KitKat miss the mark with their limited edition milk tart chocolate?

01 October 2020 - 14:11
The limited edition milk tart-flavoured KitKat.
The limited edition milk tart-flavoured KitKat.
Image: Supplied

When a brand of chocolate has been around for decades, do you mess with the flavour?

KitKat is a chocolate with a long and sweet history. Launched in 1935 at the Rowntree's Chocolate Factory in the UK, it came about after a worker put his idea “for a chocolate bar a man could take to work in his pack-up” in the suggestion box.

Little did he know that the legend of KitKat would stretch into the 21st century.  

The Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp, as it was first known, was the classic four fingers of crisp wafer covered in milk chocolate, as we know it today. It was only after World War II and the launch of the two-fingered bar when it was renamed KitKat. The famous slogan, "Have a break, have a KitKat," first used in 1957, has stood the test of time.

Swiss Company Nestle bought Rowntree in 1988 and recently the original has evolved to include KitKats of different flavours, types of chocolate and shapes.

The latest local KitKat interpretation - a milk tart version created as a limited edition in celebrating our heritage - is covered in sweet white chocolate and includes cinnamon flavouring.

For me, it strays too far from the original, which has stayed true for decades - a classic taste in a world of change, so comforting.

The limited edition KitKat Milk Tart is available in stores till November.