What's cooking this week: Why TaB's retirement is long overdue

Our food editor fills you in on the latest in the world of food and wine

22 October 2020 - 08:00
By hilary biller AND Hilary Biller
You won't be able to purchase TaB for much longer.
Image: Papi Morake You won't be able to purchase TaB for much longer.

I can’t say I’m crying over spilt soda about the Coca-Cola company's recent announcement that they'll be withdrawing TaB from the market.

Described as an underperforming product by the manufacturers, it will be off the shelves by the end of year. (In case you're thinking of stocking up, keep in mind that cooldrinks do have best before dates.)

First introduced way back in 1963 with a “memorable” advertising campaign aimed at women — pretty, skinny ones — wanting to stay in shape, the drink is overdue for retirement.  

In 1983 it became caffeine-free, yet this still didn’t improve the flavour, which leaves an unpleasant bitterness with the sickly sweetness of artificial sugar on the palate — not even improved by ice or lemon.

Give me the new-generation sweetener Coke Light any day — with a slice of lemon and lots of ice.

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