Easy vegan recipes for eats you didn't think you could make without eggs

19 November 2020 - 09:16 By Toni Jaye Singer
Plant-based aquafaba can be whipped up just like egg whites.
Plant-based aquafaba can be whipped up just like egg whites.
Image: 123RF/Anton Ivanov

Eggs are essential in many recipes but perhaps none more so than omelettes and meringues. After all, if you take eggs out of these dishes you're left with almost no ingredients.

While it seems like making these eats without eggs would be impossible, you can do it thanks to the humble chickpea.

In The South African Vegan Cookbook, author Leozette Roode reveals how to make plant-based omelettes by stirring together chickpea flour, almond milk, raising agents and a couple of seasonings. Like their conventional counterparts, they can be stuffed with any number of tasty fillings.  

While our food editor, Hilary Biller, has successfully experimented with making meringues out of aquafaba, which is the “water” you'd normally discard after draining a tin of chickpeas. Don't do it: this precious liquid can be whipped up just like the egg whites, making it an invaluable ingredient for vegan bakers.  

Here are Roode and Billers' recipes:

November is World Vegan Month.