Nando’s is asking you to help feed SA by donating tinned food and they’ll give you free chips

16 March 2021 - 12:35
Craving free chips? Nando's wants your tinned food.
Craving free chips? Nando's wants your tinned food.
Image: File photo

Fast food chain Nando's is paying it forward by offering a free portion of chips in return for a donation of a tin of food for the needy.  

The restaurant, best known for its witty adverts and clap backs, is asking customers to exchange their tinned food for free chips.

Under the initiative, "Tin for Tjips", Nando's and the non-profit organisation Joint Aid Management (JAM), will distribute the tinned food to those in most need through a network of charitable organisations that focus on taking care of preschool children through early childhood development centres.

“We suspect that Mzansi pantries are filled with tins of food we don’t really need. So, we thought we’d offer a way to donate them to those that do in return for a portion of freshly prepared chips,” said Doug Place, chief marketing officer for Nando’s SA.

“We believe that all South Africans deserve a life well fed. We hope that Tin for Tjips will play its part in making that belief a reality. After all, the government isn’t looking to put chips in you, but we are happy to.”

So what do you need to do to get free chips? If you have food tins and want to exchange them for some chips, you'll have to order any Nando’s meal through the app and select the “Tin for Tjips” option before checkout.

Just make sure that the tin contains actual food — and shoe polish doesn’t count.

The tin must have its original label, not be expired and not expire for at least another three months, and must not be damaged in any way.