What the hake?! Woolies’ fish sausages leave social media users with many questions

‘It’s basically fish fingers that went to Bishops’

12 October 2021 - 11:20
By Unathi Nkanjeni
Woolworths' latest food offering has received mixed reactions on social media.
Image: Screenshot/Woolworths Woolworths' latest food offering has received mixed reactions on social media.

Retailer Woolworths’ latest food offering has seen social media platforms flooded with questions. 

Woolworths launched a fish sausage range with three flavours: hake sausage, trout sausage and haddock cheese sausage. 

The range, which comes in 400g, retails for R99 each. 

It can’t be that bad, right? 

According to Woolworths, the fish sausage was prompted by a growing demand for meat alternatives.

They are made with alginate casing and are suitable for pescatarians. Fresh herbs and flavours such as fresh lemon, garlic and parsley are added to all the sausages. 

“We have seen a growing number of consumers eating seafood, and it will continue to become more pronounced in the years to come as consumers are actively making healthier choices for themselves and the planet,” Woolworths said.

“When we launched our trout rashers, an alternative to bacon, we saw customers react positively and we knew this is a space that needed to be explored further. We have seen a great response to the new product. We have seen an increase in demand for meat alternatives from our customers. It was the natural progression to extend our meat alternative offering in the seafood category.”

What do Twitter foodies think?

The new product range drew mixed reactions on social media, with some giving it a thumbs up while others called for the year to end because they had now seen it all.