Get set for local avos this Christmas — and throughout the year

Harmony Way, a new local farming project, has unlocked the secret to having fresh, home-grown avocados on SA shelves year round

18 November 2021 - 09:00
South Africans can now eat local avos all year round. Stock image.
South Africans can now eat local avos all year round. Stock image.
Image: Harmony Way

When planning a celebratory menu over Christmas I always think of something that includes avocado — because I love them and there’s nothing nicer or special on a hot day than a seafood salad with avo as a treat.

Until I get to the store and am faced with a shelf of imported avocados — usually from Spain, they come with more than a hefty price tag  — and more concerns like purchasing unseasonal produce that doesn’t support local farmers and the negative impact importing produce can have on climate change.

But this year avocados will definitely feature on my menu as local fresh produce company ZZ2 Natuurboerdery, well known for their tomatoes, have recently launched  Harmony Way which focuses on local avocado varietals, the well-known hass and fuerte, plus ten other lesser-known ones but just as delicious, all grown by SA farmers at various altitudes on ZZ2 farms in Limpopo province.

“By working holistically with nature and the elements of sunlight, water and soil, the trees will bear fruit at different seasons — and all year round,” said a spokesperson for ZZ2.

Avocados are well known as a ‘powerhouse superfood’ and are not only good for us, but delicious too. The luxury of avocados all year round, for now, is limited to selected green grocers in Johannesburg and Pretoria.