Pressure cooking comes of age

It took three celeb foodies and three dishes to woo an audience to a new tabletop cooking appliance

02 June 2022 - 09:45
By Hilary Biller
Jenny Morris aka the Giggling Gourmet.
Image: Hilary Biller Jenny Morris aka the Giggling Gourmet.

Everyone has a pressure cooker story in their memory bank, be it granny’s pot that burst spewing the contents all over the kitchen or their own nerve-racking attempt at putting the old-style pressure pot to use and stuffing it back in the cupboard never to be used again.

It took just three dishes — a delicious creamy samp, a Mediterranean-style chicken dish and a fragrant dhal — to win over an audience to a brand new style of pressure cooking with a Philips All-in-One Cooker launched in SA this week.

Cooking wizards Jenny Morris, aka the Giggling Gourmet, dentist Dr Harri of the latest MasterChef series fame and the vivacious Shoprite brand ambassador Chef Zanele took just 30 minutes of culinary magic to produce three tasty dishes in front of us. The evocative aromas filling the kitchen had us drooling.

Everything looked so incredibly easy and came to the table in record time. It was the samp that took our breath away. Something that normally takes hours of cooking was done in a fraction of the time.  

And there were no disasters,  no messy and dripping steaming or exploding pots as this new cooker, an attractive black tabletop cooker, did the trick.

Dentist Dr Harri of the latest MasterChef series.
Image: Hilary Biller Dentist Dr Harri of the latest MasterChef series.
Shoprite brand ambassador Chef Zanele.
Image: Hilary Biller Shoprite brand ambassador Chef Zanele.

It comes with the promise of cooking 50% faster than stovetop cooking and is an energy saver and easy to clean too. We witnessed it with our own eyes.

It was the ease of use that won us over. The rapid pressure release technology makes cooking under pressure a doddle and preset cooking programmes and step-by-step guidance have given this quick cooking method a modern makeover.

With this pot you can steam, slow cook and cook with pressure. And just when I thought the air fryer was the only new appliance I needed in my kitchen ...

The Philips All-in-one Cooker sells for R3,999.

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