Let them eat brioche? Seniors get a prescription for special bread

31 July 2018 - 15:31 By AFP Relaxnews
The cost of G-Nutrition cakes will be covered by French social security.
The cost of G-Nutrition cakes will be covered by French social security.
Image: Courtesy of Nutrisens

Next October, medical food group Nutrisens will launch a line of vitamin-enriched cakes whose cost will be reimbursed by French national health insurance. 

Complex carbohydrates, minerals, fibre... Notwithstanding a recent backlash against the food, bread is healthy for most individuals, and should figure in a normal diet.

But is it really essential to the point where it should be covered by state medical insurance? The brioche rolls produced in France's Doubs region by Poulaillon and developed by Nutrisens and Cerelab are more than just a bakery speciality.

Christened G-Nutrition, they are already on the menu in French hospitals where they are fed to undernourished patients. Containing 20.6% protein, they are usually prescribed for elderly people who suffer from muscle wasting. Their recipe, which is the fruit of five years of research, is also enriched with B and D vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron and selenium.  

Needless to say, only buyers presenting a doctor's prescription for the new rolls will be reimbursed by French state health insurance. The two products in the G-Nutrition line  — a standard milk roll, and one with chocolate chips — will be available from French pharmacies in October. The price is €12.48 for a box of 12.