Know your health status: go for a general check-up this Women’s Month

Being aware of the health risks you face as a woman can help you to implement a solid financial plan

08 August 2018 - 14:55
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According to the latest life assurance gap study conducted by the Association for Savings and Investment SA, South Africans have, on average, only between four and 47% of life cover they need.

The same study reported that “critical illnesses such as cancer and heart disease are alarmingly widespread among women in SA. In addition to the physical and emotional burden that comes with being diagnosed with a dread disease, many of these women may also face unexpected financial hardships as a result.”

Historically, women have tended to be the most under-insured but as their earning power and contribution to household finances has increased, are becoming more aware of the need for critical illness cover.

Knowing the health risks you face as a woman can help you to implement a solid financial plan. Working with your financial adviser on life's journey, can help you prepare, for any emergency, especially a financial one.

Your medical aid should pay for the costs of standard medical treatments and hospital care but experimental treatments you may wish to explore will probably not be covered.

Says Hennie de Villiers, deputy chair of the Asisa life and risk board committee: “It is important to be aware that certain cutting-edge cancer treatments can cost more than R1-million, which means that in some cases having critical illness cover could even be life-saving.”

Liberty understands that modern women juggle the challenges of work, family and personal finances, often neglecting their personal well-being.

This Woman’s Month, take a moment to revisit your personal well-being and restore balance to your important life.

Image: Supplied/Liberty

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