WATCH LIVE | Join the Mims Medical Lounge on how to protect your family from Covid-19

Vital questions you, as a parent, need answered to safeguard your family’s health

06 August 2020 - 10:28

Our panel of medical and health experts will give you practical pointers on Covid-19 prevention such as:

  • how to wipe down groceries;
  • which foods and supplements help boost the immune system;
  • which doctors appointments are important to keep and which can wait;
  • how virtual consultations work;
  • important insights into preserving your family’s mental health — how to deal with fear and uncertainty;
  • how to filter the important virus stories from scaremongering reports;
  • how to combat boredom and friction in the family; 
  • what to do if one of your family members tests positive for Covid-19; and
  • isolation options for you and your children and the likely implications of Covid-19 infection for your young children.

Join the Mims Medical Lounge brought to you by TimesLIVE, as our panel of experts discuss how to protect your family from Covid-19.

The panel of experts include:

Dr Martin de Villiers (doctor of family medicine, university lecturer and medical director of Medwell SA, which specialises in home-based care)
Dr Zimbini Ogle (clinical psychologist leading Impilo yeAfrica. With an MA in Clinical Psychology and PhD in Psychiatry, Dr Ogle treats common mental disorders, depression and anxiety disorders)
Dr Maria Christodoulou (medical practitioner and an expert in integrative medicine. Dr Christodoulou specialises in coaching individuals to reclaim their health, align with their purpose, and liberate their full potential)
Annelie Smith (registered dietitian with extensive experience in private practice and a specialty in nutrigenomics and functional nutrition. Smith heads up mentorship for 3X4 Genetics)
Jani Greeff (creative consultant, songwriter, director and playwright. Greeff is a mother to a toddler and wife of musician husband Pierre of Die Heuwels Fantasties)

Date: Tuesday, August 11 2020 
Time: 4pm 

Join the Mims Medical Lounge on Tuesday, August 11 at 4pm.
Join the Mims Medical Lounge on Tuesday, August 11 at 4pm.
Image: Unsplash/Vera Davidova