PODCAST | Talking about mandatory vaccine policies

In conversation with Discovery Health CEO Dr Ryan Noach, and public health lawyer Safura Abdool Carrim

27 October 2021 - 11:00
Discovery Health CEO Dr Ryan Noach.
Discovery Health CEO Dr Ryan Noach.
Image: Supplied/Discovery Health

On September 2 2021, Discovery founder and CEO Adrian Gore announced that it intends to move to a mandatory vaccination policy, effective January 1 2022. 

“Discovery has tragically lost 22 of our employees and more than 13,950 clients from Covid-19-related illness. The country has lost more than 220,000 (The Medical Research Council reports that more than 220,000 natural excess deaths have occurred over the past 17 months in SA, most likely as a result of Covid-19).

"Being at the forefront of the healthcare needs of our clients and medical scheme members, we witness the tragedy and despair first-hand. We are compelled to make a difference, and to protect our employees and our customers.”

Says public health lawyer Safura Abdool-Carrim, who has been in consultation with other lawyers in SA since December 2020: “It’s not a silver bullet, it’s one tool in a basket of tools.”

Listen to the podcast below:

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