Your Weekly Stars April 22-28

What the stars have in store for you

21 April 2024 - 00:00
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See what the stars have in store for Taurus.
See what the stars have in store for Taurus.
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20 April — 20 May

Just because you’re doing well on paper, doesn’t mean anyone is actually delivering the goods. You’ll have to be patient with financial delays this week. The money’s on its way. It’s just been temporarily sidetracked. You could divert yourself with some loud parties. Ask them to bring their own booze if you’re really broke. You can throw a huge (free) party next month. Meanwhile, make a wish on Tuesday’s Full Moon. It’s bound to come true.


May 21 — June 20

The ladder of success is beckoning, with something extra special on the menu after Tuesday’s fabulous Full Moon. Even so, pay attention to the minor details. There may be some unexpected issues which cause you to change your mind about the entire project — and even think about moving on. Remember though, you take yourself with you wherever you go. So deal with the obstacles first. Then ask yourself what you really want. Try not to make any moves before May.


June 21 — July 22

There’s a powerful Full Moon on Tuesday, bringing fantastic opportunities to dispense with the garbage and let in the goodies. Not that this will be easy. Someone or something is controlling your life, and you haven’t yet figured out how to cut the cords. No rush. Use these magical energies to rewrite your own script — excluding anyone who’s surplus to requirements. Next month will be much more interesting.


July 23 — August 22

Busy time, this. The planets are going bananas, and bizarre happenings are virtually guaranteed. Which means, if you want to be ready for the show, some serious relaxation is in order. By next month, you’ll need to know who you are and where you’re going. But you’re pretty smart. Work on some empathy, and you’ll fly through all this with scarcely a hair out of place. Make a list of desires, so you can plan your direction in advance.


August 23 — September 22

Family and lovers are doing their best to hold you back. Fortunately, you’re in no mood to be trifled with — and there are signs of fabulous success in spite of the dramas. Your test is about making allowances for different requirements. But remember — you must always come first. If you’re not ok, you can’t help the others. Besides, with your career on the move, you’ll need all your concentration. Money’s coming too. Make a space. Trust yourself.


September 23 — October 22

Procrastination, however appealing, always leads to frustration. And despite your endless list of excuses, there are probably none good enough to justify your current dilliness. You need to spend some time on your love life, for a start. However, if you’re concerned about communication, wait until next month when you’ll have a better chance of being understood. And ask Tuesday’s gorgeous Full Moon for added inspiration.


October 23 — November 21

Take a look out the window Tuesday night — and start howling. That gorgeous Scorpio Full Moon has been specially sent to fix up your love life. Now’s your chance to wish upon a moon. List your requirements (without any of that perfectionist lunacy) and read them out to a waiting goddess. She’ll send you whatever (whomever) you’re looking for. By Thursday, communications will be back on track, and you’ll be making sense again. Get ready to smile.


November 22 — 21 December

If you have anything important to do, do it next month. Today, you’re floating on a cloud, having forgotten your own name. In fact, you’re probably headed for the airport with a lover you met  20 minutes ago and now can’t live without. And yes, it’s all very sweet and hugely entertaining. But if you value anything at all about your life, get yourself a leash. The energies straighten up in May. For now, do your very best to behave.


December 22 — January 19

Look. You’ve done your best. You’ve fixed what could be fixed. You’ve walked away from anything avoidable. And you’re coping as best you can with the mad planetary energies. Now leave it alone. Put it this way: if you plant a seed, you’ll add fertiliser and water, and hope it will manage the rest on its own. You’re not going to dig it up every five minutes to check whether it’s still growing. Same with your life. Plant — and leave. Not everything is up to you, you know.


January 20 — February 18

Hidden fears and ancient attachments are lurching into your nightmares. And once again, your terror of intimacy looms large. Try focusing on common ground and allow your relationship to grow from friendship. There’s no pressure here. Intimacy only means what you want it to mean. Tuesday’s romantic Full Moon will send a few pointers. Meanwhile, take some time for yourself. And wait a few weeks before making any big decisions. You’re not quite ready for your transformation yet.


February 19 — March 20

It’s hard to take a break when your career is buzzing and your obligations weigh more than you do. Stop listening to the schmucks with tedious advice. In fact, stop listening to anyone until next week, when the communication planet gets back on track. Your soul is tired and needs a place to lie down. Make a pact with yourself to be completely selfish until Tuesday’s Full Moon has moved on. By Saturday, you’ll be ready to roar.


March 21 — April 19

Flutter those lashes and adjust that hat. You’re looking better than good; and feeling like a minor god. And sure, the ego is fun to play with. But don’t make the mistake of believing your own press. The risk is you’ll start expecting the same absurd standards from everyone. And disappointment is a very disappointing thing. Just have some fun with this. By next month, your world will make much more sense.

Your Chart

Abram Fagas (2/8/71, Durban, 20h50)

Sun sign: Leo; Moon sign: Sagittarius; Rising sign: Pisces

You’re an extremely talented guy — probably so much so that you’re unable to focus on one passion at a time. Career changes are happening now — good ones — and money should flow more comfortably for a while. In fact, you’re generally a lucky guy. People like you; opportunities visit you and your decisions are usually good ones. Your love life, on the other hand, is another story. This year, and most of next, you’re feeling particularly alone. Perhaps you’re getting divorced or having an affair. Or perhaps you’ve yet to commit. Don’t expect this to get easier on its own. You’ll have to make some conscious choices if you want a good relationship. Firstly, put your ego aside, and secondly, listen carefully to what’s actually being said. You might even have to accept that you’re occasionally wrong... yikes! Alternatively, of course, you could carry on being the charming successful, insensitive dude that everyone loves, but never feels quite safe with. Up to you.

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