Your Weekly Stars May 13-19

What the stars have in store for you

12 May 2024 - 00:00
By Linda Shaw
See what your stars have in store for you this week.
Image: 123RF/captainvector See what your stars have in store for you this week.


APRIL 20 — MAY 20

Get ready to negotiate, and some great deals could work to your advantage. While you’re at it, get out and have fun. There are interesting people to be met on the social circuit who could help you through a tedious patch. They might even offer you a chance to make extra cash. You’ve been doing some work on your emotional issues, which will help you gain a clearer perspective. It’s time to release the baggage.


May 21 — June 20

Money, money, money. The coffers are expanding. And a good thing too. Your tastes have suddenly doubled in price. The idea is to earn more than you spend. That way you get to save some for later. Not an easy lesson to understand, but an important one. Do your best. Start by paying off your debts. It’ll make you feel freer than you’ve felt in ages.


June 21 — July 22

Progress is about to be made, even more than you hoped for. So pick an area. If it’s love, use the energies to say what you mean and get who you want. If existing relationships are falling apart, get some help. Financially, a change is needed in the routine. Presentations and confrontations can be handled now with winning results. You have to make the first move. Just as well that’s what you’re best at.


July 23 — August 22

How about a job change? Or simply an expansion of duties and opportunities. Take care not to say “yes” just because you’re flattered. Along with the extra money and rank come a gigantic dose of extra work. Only take on what you can realistically manage, or burnout will be the inevitable. Besides, your social life is picking up again. Have some fun. The mindless kind.


August 23 — September 22

Just because you can nearly always read their minds doesn’t mean they can read yours. Which means if you want your relationships to work, you’ll need to actually speak. Those silences are either terrifying or irritating to someone who doesn’t understand your need to withdraw. If you need space, ask for it. But place a time limit on your return to the human race. You’ll find you’re having less fun on your own than you thought you would.


September 23 — October 22

Marriages, partnerships and commitments of any kind need special attention this week. Look closely at your lifestyle and make a list of your needs, however selfish they may seem. Remember commitment means different things to different people. You need companions who can change with you. One more thing: that internal argument you’re having with yourself won’t go anywhere until you let it out and explore your options.


October 23 — November 21

Who could possibly resist you? We’re talking power, success, personal fulfilment — a week to remember. There’ll be those who are intimidated and jealous of you, but don’t worry about them. You’re at your clearest — articulate and persuasive enough to win anyone over to your side. While you’re there, figure out what you’d like to do about your love life. It’s waiting for you to decide what you want.


November 22 — 21 December

And now for something completely different — a Sagittarian who likes to work for a living. Not that you’ve been dodging the graft up to now necessarily. It’s just that your focus has been on having as much fun as possible in the process. So now we’re in for a new cycle. And it’s about briefcases and matching accessories. You’ll be making a fortune and with your usual optimism will find a way to make the slog entertaining. It’s called growing up.


December 22 — January 19

Excellent. Your inspiration has returned, and that connection to the gods of talent, success and general adoration has been restored. The good news is you’re happier and more relaxed than you’ve been in ages. The bad news is that this means more hard work and less socialising. The trick is to make your work fun. And if it’s not, tweak it until it is. One more thing: bear in mind that the goddess of love is lurking. Make her welcome.


January 20 — February 18

You’re in no mood to be trifled with, and frankly anyone who gets in your way had better duck. Guilt, manipulation, emotional blackmail, anger — all last month’s games. You’re in the mood to win, which means you will. But as they say, be careful what you wish for because this week you’ll definitely get it. Sit quietly for a while and write a list of desires. Keep going until you’ve got it right. Then start behaving as though all those wishes have already come true. It’s a good week.


February 19 — March 20

The door — or should that be “doors” — of opportunity are opening. No instant decisions needed here because when everyone wants you, you can choose at your leisure. You may even change jobs or careers. Best advice is to save your decisions for next week, or even later, because although offers are being made, the exact details are a little foggy. Trust those fabulous instincts.


March 21 — April 19

It won’t be long before your love life sorts itself out very soon, one way or the other. If you have any marked preferences as to the outcome, do what you can to make yourself heard. If not, the decision will be taken out of your hands. Speak now because by next week you’ll be too busy working to spend time on personal drama. Unless you really just don’t care. These are questions to ask yourself now, while you’re calm enough to hear the answers.

Priven Chetty, May 21 1964, Durban, 5.30am

Sun sign: Gemini

Moon sign: Libra

Rising sign: Taurus

Everything seems to be changing as you reassess work, life and secret desires. Try not to rush into any big decisions because the changes aren’t over yet, and your needs will alter as the year progresses. For now, all your old wounds and pains are being dragged out for a second airing. Just because you’re determined to control the outcomes doesn’t mean you can. What you could do is think about the changes you’d like to make in your life. Are you ready to start a small business? There couldn’t be a better time. Are you keen to move to another house/city/country? Start packing. Is your love life on the skids? Leave that for now. There’s more to be said about your relationships before decisions need to be made. Meanwhile, do something nice for yourself. Take a week. Get a massage. Remind yourself how it feels to be desirable. You’ve had a tough time and you’re more than ready for your rewards. Don’t forget gratitude. The universe always responds favourably to gratitude.

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