10 ways to give your home a luxe look for less

22 November 2015 - 02:04 By Janine Jorgensen
Adding a plush rug and chandelier will instantly give your home a more luxurious look.
Adding a plush rug and chandelier will instantly give your home a more luxurious look.
Image: iStock/KatarzynaBialasiewicz

If splurging on fancy furniture or imported fabrics isn’t in the budget, don't stress: you can still give your home a luxurious look and feel without breaking the bank. Just follow these simple, inexpensive tricks to add some opulence to your space

1. Tap into the power of scent and fill your home with fragrances that are rich and comforting, for a luxurious atmosphere. Candles and diffusers with citrus and spice notes are the easiest way to achieve this.

 Madagascan vanilla aromatic candle. R130. Woolworths.co.za

2. Combine different materials and textures to enhance the space and give it a custom-designed look. You don’t have to reupholster your sofa or buy new curtains; use scatter cushions and throws, in plush fabrics, to good effect.


Onion velvet silver cushion. R399. Home.co.za

3. Create a tablescape. Take a look at most professionally designed interiors and you’ll notice that the surfaces, from mantelpieces to coffee tables, have been styled with decorative pieces. Arrange your favourite, and carefully edited, objects in an attractive manner, introducing different shapes and heights to add interest.


Alva figure. From R495. Coricraft.co.za


4. Make a statement with your choice of lighting fixtures. Chandeliers, metallic pendants and ornate sconces will create a sumptuous atmosphere.


Morticia wall light. R349.95. Lightingwarehouse.co.za

5. Change the handles. Give an instant style update to shabby cabinetry, particularly in the kitchen, by replacing the handles.


UCan cup handle. R24. At selected Game stores and Ucandoit.co.za

6. Bring in nature with fresh flowers, to elevate the space. An inexpensive, store-bought bouquet can be split into smaller arrangements around the house, for added value.


Drop vase. R245. Weylandts.co.za


7. Revamp your outdoor dining area with new café-style chairs. White looks elegant – and shows the dirt, so you’ll need to keep the furniture clean.

Sapphire armchair. R299. Game.co.za

8. Transfer bathroom toiletries into co-ordinating containers to mimic a luxe hotel. For example, use a dispenser for liquid soap and a glass jar for cotton swabs.


Vintage soap dish. R99.95. Toilet brush. R159.95. Dispenser. R149.95. Tumbler. R129.95.Boardmans.co.za

9. Lay down a rug. Not only will it define the space, but it’s comfortable and warm. Rugs can be cheaper than new carpeting and perfect for rental properties to cover old, scuffed floors.

10. Accessorise with metallic objects. A gilt bowl, jar or candleholder is an effective, and inexpensive, way to add an extravagant-looking shine to a room.