How to create an Instagram-worthy Christmas table setting

22 December 2016 - 17:24 By Roberta Thatcher

"To me Christmas feels much more festive with a beautiful table setting," says stylist Aneen Visser of Table + Cloth, a company that specialises in creating modern and unique tablescapes.

Woven baskets filled with baubles or spray-painted pine cones make a lovely addition to a festive table setting.
Woven baskets filled with baubles or spray-painted pine cones make a lovely addition to a festive table setting.
Image: Table + Cloth

"Creating a special table setting may feel like too much effort when you're also in charge of cooking up a festive feast," says Visser. But she's quick to add that this by no way means you've got to go over the top — a few thoughtful and personal touches make all the difference.

Follow her tips for knock-out table decor:

1) Bottom line you need some green

Greenery is essential to any Christmas setting. Whether you opt for a eucalyptus, cypress or fern fronds, it’s guaranteed to top off your tablescape.

I like spreading greenery across the table by filling up all the small cups and vases I can get my hands on. Greenery also works well atop your placemats or napkins, and combined with a nametag.

2) Dare to be non-traditional

I don’t believe Christmas can be boxed into a certain look. In fact, adding your personal touch is what makes a table setting special.

We all love the yuletide reds, greens, silvers, golds and whites, but try something different for a change. It’s not necessary to replace all your tableware from last year, but consider adding one new colour to the mix.

One of my favorite looks this Christmas is black-and-white gingham table linen paired with black and gold accents and, of course, some greenery. Spray painting elements like pinecones is any easy way to add a touch of gold to your table decor.

Another great colour combination to try is fuchsia pink, red and teal.


3) Embrace your heritage

We live in such a vibrant country and should embrace our African Summer Christmas. With this in mind, my top pick to add to your festive table setting is some colourful woven baskets from Tintsaba filled with spray-painted pine cones or baubles.

4) Decorate with fruit and veg

Who says you have to stick to flowers and greenery? There are absolutely no rules when it comes to table decor. Pomegranates, grapefruits, oranges, cherries and artichokes are just some of the fruit and vegetables that make gorgeous additions to a table setting.


5) Let there be light

Soft and beautiful lighting makes any table setting magical. Copper-wire lights get my vote this season, as they're less hassle then candles. They look beautiful when worked into greenery.

6) Less is more

Don’t try and combine all of the above-mentioned ideas at the same time. There is a fine line between a chaotic Christmas table and a balanced but beautiful setting. When in doubt, less is more.

• Be sure to peruse the Festive category of Table + Cloth's collection for more inspiration.