6 locally-designed planters you'll be potty about

Bring spring indoors by adding some leafy plants to your home or office. We're got just the thing to plant them in

06 September 2017 - 00:00

Apotments by Fabrica and Ash Ceramics

There’s nothing we love more than a collaboration and we can’t get enough of these free-standing Apotments by Fabrica and Ash Ceramics. Sleek metal, turned clay and a playful pop of colour make them the perfect addition to any room. Priced from R580.

Soft Pots by Zana

These fabric soft pots by Zana are awesome because they’re so versatile. They’re available in a range of sizes and prints, and if you don’t have the greenest thumbs around, you can switch the plant out for your make-up brushes instead. Priced from R140.

Planter Bench/Table by Douglas & Douglas

What’s better than a table? A table with a built-in plant pot, of course! We've got our eye on this compact Planter Bench/Table by Durban-based designers Douglas & Douglas. Priced at R4,565.

Moonrock planters by Rialheim

We're crushing on these ceramic, wall-mounted planters by Rialheim. The trendy faceted designs are available in great colourways; buy a few and cluster them together to create a striking wall feature. Priced from R299.

Hanging planter by Goet

With its playful round shape and elegant leather riempie strap, this hanging planter by Goet can morph its way into any style of home décor. Fill it with a cascading plant and enjoy watching the tendrils get longer and fuller as it flourishes. Priced at R850.

Cylinder Basket in Jute by Mia Mélange

You don’t have to be traditional when it comes to choosing your planter. Why not pop a potted plant into one of the many beautiful baskets Cape Town designer Mia Mélange creates? This one is priced at R440.