Christmas tree decorating for dummies

29 November 2017 - 14:39 By Nivashni Nair
Remember to allow the kids to join in the fun and help place each decoration with love.
Remember to allow the kids to join in the fun and help place each decoration with love.
Image: 123RF/bernardbodo

O Christmas tree‚ why are thy branches sagging‚ lights not brightly twinkling and ornaments so bland?

With Christmas less than a month away‚ many South African families wish they could hire a professional decorator to enhance the festive centrepiece in their homes.

But Anita Bloom‚ creative director of the country's leading décor‚ design and lifestyle exhibition Decorex‚ says achieving that straight-out-of-a-Christmas-movie tree does not require an expert.

"Christmas tree decorating does not need to be for decorators or experts only. Making it a traditional family event is the secret to bringing the magic of Christmas into every home at this special time of the year."

"Remember to allow the kids to join in the fun and help place each decoration with love. Include home-made decoration‚ photos in small frames and ornaments with family members' names on them‚" she said.

Her tips are sure to make every tree stand out:

Setting up your tree

Start with unpacking the tree and folding out all the branches. Make sure you open each and every branch - this helps to make your tree look fuller.

Light it up

Next add the Christmas tree lights (keeping them switched off) from the base of your tree to the very top of the tree. Find lights that match the colour of your tree (either white or green)‚ so that the wire is hidden.

Lighting your tree from the inside out will it that magical look. I tend to love the natural white light - but you can play with different colours until you find what you love.

Twirl on the tinsel

Continue by draping your Christmas tinsel around the tree. Try to add one strand of tinsel to every second row all the way to the top of the tree.

Tinsel can also be used on the stem of the tree to hide the gaps between the branches.

Use one colour or choose two different types of tinsel.

Pop on the decorations

Choose your favourite decorations and give them prime positions on the tree where they will be seen most. Then place your not-so-favourite ones at the back of the tree - where they will still be seen but in less detail.

Choose smaller lighter ornaments for the top of the tree and you bigger bulkier ornaments for the bottom of the tree.

Try fill in the gaps closer to the stem of the tree with decorations to give your tree depth and add some mystery.

Top your tree

Once all the decorations have been individually placed‚ you can finally add the most important decoration: the star or angel at the top of the tree.

Lastly‚ turn the tree lights on and watch the magic begin. - TimesLIVE