New & refreshingly nostalgic: decor trends that'll dominate in 2018

Roberta Thatcher looks at this year's top trends - from downsizing to artisanal crochet - and give tips on how to incorporate them into your home

25 February 2018 - 00:00 By Roberta Thatcher
From concrete and stone to plants and wood, 2018 sees an influx of natural materials being incorporated into interiors.
From concrete and stone to plants and wood, 2018 sees an influx of natural materials being incorporated into interiors.

You've probably noticed that when it comes to trend forecasting, ideas go in and out of fashion, popping up again and again over the years. One year orange is the domain of your grandmother's ottoman and the next it's gracing the windows of Milan's top design stores. That's the beauty of trends.

While they keep us looking into the future, and inspire us with fresh ideas, they just as often bring us back to something that's been forgotten, allowing us to enjoy it again.

Here are seven trends to look out for this year - some new, some refreshingly nostalgic.


There's been a move towards downsizing as we finally begin to realise that our over-the-top lifestyles are jeopardising the planet and adding stress to our lives. Whether this means moving into a smaller house or buying fewer things, it's a no-brainer that a simpler, more focused life will leave you with more time (and money) for the truly important things.


We can expect to see a big return to florals in the home, where you'll find them in textiles, wallpapers and accessories. Prints in bold, contrasting colours can add glamour and warmth to your home, but the key is moderation. Offset statement florals with neutrals and basics for a timeless look that won't overwhelm your space.


The move towards buying local, handmade objects has been on-trend for a while, and this year we see an offshoot of this. People have become entranced with the idea of artisanal items, resulting in long-forgotten techniques and details fast becoming the new luxury. Think turned wood, handmade tiles, engraved metal and lace crochet throws.


While 2017 saw a big move towards tech in the home, this year, in the vein of slowing down, we're seeing an influx of natural materials. Touches of wood, concrete, stone, plants and granite will help you step away from your screens and enjoy some disconnected downtime.


Once again we return to the idea that everything old comes back into the limelight as we incorporate antiques and vintage items into the home. This trend relates to the anti-consumerist movement and to our new appreciation for well-made and well-designed pieces. It's time to bring out those '70s chic and classic pieces you hid away years ago!


While cool tones have dominated over the past few years, warmer shades such as caramel brown, pale pink, burnt yellow and deep reds are coming in. Pair these with neutrals such as ivory to balance out the heavier feel.


This is hardly a new trend, but it's one that keeps gaining momentum. Over-decorated rooms are being replaced with warm, homely spaces filled with carefully chosen items. Whether it's a throw from that trip to Argentina in 1996, a framed print from a flea market or a designer couch you spent your savings on, it's time to surround yourself with items that have meaning and make you smile.

While these ideas can help if you're renovating, looking for a change or simply adding small touches to your home, we want to remind you of the "trend" we hold closest: "Everything you love is in." Being on trend means less about keeping up, and more about being true to yourself.