Three things our Home editor thinks you should consider buying this Black Friday

Sales are a great time to invest in furnishings and homeware that can make your everyday life easier and more enjoyable, writes Leana Schoeman

26 November 2020 - 07:30 By Leana Schoeman
Enjoy a spa-like experience at home by investing in quality towels.
Enjoy a spa-like experience at home by investing in quality towels.
Image: 123RF/Olga Yastremska

Furnishing a home can be challenging — especially when you’re working on a budget.

While there are some areas where you can afford to be thrifty, it makes sense to invest more of your hard-earned money on things that you’re planning to have for a long time, like big pieces of furniture.

The same applies to things that’ll make your everyday life easier or more enjoyable.

The good news is that it is possible to get quality, well-designed furniture and homeware at affordable prices. Especially if you’re patient, plan strategically and keep an eagle eye on seasonal sales.

Here are some items that are well worth spending more on, which you should look to snap up on special this Black Friday (November 27):


We spend a third of lives in bed, so why not make the experience the best it can possibly be? Spending a little more on a good mattress, a comfy mattress topper and quality bed linen can make a big difference to the quality of your sleep and, in turn, how you feel when you wake up each day.

Good towels are also worth investing in. Not only do they feel more luxurious, but they tend to be more absorbent and longer lasting than cheaper versions.


Good lighting goes a long way in setting the mood for a room and a beautifully designed fitting can upgrade its look instantly. This makes it a worthy investment that could bring you joy for years to come.

A beautifully designed light fitting can upgrade the look of a room instantly.

Smart lighting is something else worth spending a little more on as it allows for a whole lot more functionality (like dimming the lights) and you can conveniently control it all from your smartphone or tablet.

There are also some clever options to help you navigate your way around load-shedding, such as rechargeable bulbs with battery backups.


Trust us, when it comes to cookware you'll get your money back when you invest in quality and design. With proper care, good pots and pans can last a lifetime, whereas you'll likely have to replace cheap options habitually.

The same applies to food-preparation tools. Rather spend more and ensure a product has a good review rating and works really well before you buy it. No one wants to end up struggling with a blunt knife or rubbish garlic crusher every day  as this takes all the fun out of cooking and turns it into a chore.