Decorate yourself cosy: Five easy ways to warm up your home this winter

Simple tips and styling tricks to make your interiors more comfortable when it's chilly

04 June 2021 - 09:30 By Leana Schoeman
Style yourself snug by layering your couch with throws and scatter cushions.
Style yourself snug by layering your couch with throws and scatter cushions.
Image: 123RF/Alena Ozerova

Even though we don’t have the coldest of winters here in SA, that doesn’t mean it doesn't get nippy. With that in mind, here are a few ideas that'll help you cosy up your home for the chilly season: 


Winter is the perfect time to get creative with layering. Haul out those forgotten scatters, throws and blankets and pile them high on your sofa or bed to create a snug environment where you can hibernate in style.

Rugs are also a great way to create warmth in a room and might work wonders in the bathroom or a cold entrance hall. 

If you're looking to buy a new soft furnishing or two, winter sheets are a real win as are throws and rugs. Opt for locally-made options manufactured from natural fibres like mohair, wool and even sheep skin, these options might cost a little more, but they'll last a lifetime and will look and feel far more luxurious than cheaper synthetic options.

That said, if you're planning to place your new rug in a high traffic area, it's wise to opt for one that can easily be popped in the washing machine.


The sun is the cheapest and healthiest source of heat we have, so make the most of it. If necessary, trim back overgrown trees and shrubs to allow sunlight to stream into your home. Then capitalise on it by rearranging the furniture to create a welcoming little nook where you can read, nap and even entertain.

If you have an indoor fireplace, the same rules apply.

Ambient lighting will give your spaces a cosy feel at night.
Ambient lighting will give your spaces a cosy feel at night.
Image: 123RF/followtheflow

Lighting can also help to create a warmer atmosphere, so switch out those cold white light bulbs for warm white ones which cast a softer, more inviting glow. While you’re at it, consider investing in a standing or table lamp to create a sense of coziness on chilly winter nights. Even burning a couple of candles can do the trick.


The sound of a crackling fire, the scent of a comforting stew simmering on the stove ... embrace all the senses to create an environment that'll make you feel warm and happy this winter.

Aromatherapy is a great way to create a sense of luxury and will add to that cosy feel we all aspire to.

Warmer woody scents like Sandalwood and Frankincense smell amazing and may even have some health benefits. Burn a scented candle, invest in a diffuser, or add a few drops of essential oil to an oil burner or your bath.


The amount of cold air that can still manage to enter your home even when all the windows and doors are closed should not be underestimated.

Take a few minutes to determine the source of the draft. If it’s a window that doesn’t seal properly install some weatherstrips, and if it's a door, adding a pretty draft stopper could work nicely.

Thicker curtains can also be a good investment. These will keep the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer, so it’s a win win.


If installing a fireplace or wood-burner is out of the question, consider investing in a good heater. Do your homework first and choose something that's light on electricity and heavy on efficiency, and of course aesthetics are also worth considering.

The good old hot water bottle is still a great way to keep warm, especially now there are microwaveable and rechargeable electric options available. If that doesn’t do the trick, you might have to fork out a bit more and invest in an electric blanket.

The options are endless, but keep in mind that you’ll only need to use these gadgets for a couple of months a year, so don’t go too crazy.