Get your home in great condition with these eight summer maintenance tips

Use Discovery Insure’s helpful checklist to prepare your house for the rainy season

26 January 2022 - 08:35
Paint doesn't just make your home look good, it's also a good way to provide your home with a protective barrier from the elements, says Discovery Insure.
Image: Supplied/Discovery Insure Paint doesn't just make your home look good, it's also a good way to provide your home with a protective barrier from the elements, says Discovery Insure.

The weather is warmer, and that means more time spent outdoors — and if you’re in certain parts of the country, seasonal rains. 

Your house is your shield from the elements. Not only will doing regular maintenance ensure that it can stand up to the weather, but it may also save you time and money in the long run. That’s because it gives you the chance to spot any small issues and sort them out before the problem escalates, requiring costly repairs.  

With that in mind, Discovery Insure compiled a useful maintenance checklist to help keep your home in great condition and prepare it for the rainy season:

1. Check those gutters

Put on a pair of gloves and get that ladder out. At the turn of every new season, it’s always a good idea to check your gutters for debris. Try to remove as much as you can with your hands and then use a garden hose to spray away any remaining dust and dirt.

You can also place the hose into the downspout of the gutter, which is the pipe that runs vertically along the side of the home, to rinse out debris or dirt.

Be sure to have someone on standby to help you stay safe while you’re on the roof.

2. Check your tumble dryer and washing machine

It's a good idea to check the vents of your tumble dryer often because clogged-up dryer vents can potentially spark a fire if they're neglected. To do so, disconnect the vent from the back of your tumble dryer and use a brush to work away any lint that has built up. Then replace the vent securely.

It's also a good idea to check the hose of your washing machine. If there's a crack or leak, this can result in a significant amount of water damage over time.

3. Check pipes for leaks or damage

If there is a need, call in a reputable service provider to assist with getting any necessary repairs done on damaged or leaking pipes.

While you're at it, it's also a good idea to check the state of your geyser, and all ceilings and walls inside your home for any signs of water or moisture damage and mould growth.

4. Check the condition of your roof

Whether you spot signs of water damage on your ceilings or not, it's a good idea to check the condition of your roof.

It's essentially your home's first line of defence against water and weather damage, so a regular check can help you identify any trouble spots that need repair before they cause further damage to the inside of your home.

Replace any cracked roof tiles, or fill in spots that need it before any seasonal rains arrive.

5. Test smoke alarms

If you have these installed, periodic testing is a must to ensure they are in working condition for whenever they may be needed.

If your smoke alarm runs on batteries, ensure you change out the batteries often. This exercise only takes a few minutes, which could end up being a lifesaver for the family if there’s a fire.

6. Get painting

Paint doesn't just make your home look good, it's also an effective way to provide your home with a protective barrier from the elements. So, get those brushes and rollers out and give your home a fresh new coat of paint — after filling in any cracks or scraping away old paintwork that's begun to peel away from the walls.

7. Check the seals around your doors and windows

Walk around your home and inspect the seals around all your windows and doors: do they need any repair work or replacing? It's best to do this before any seasonal rains to prevent potential water damage.

8. Glance through your buildings and home contents insurance cover

Make use of the season change to check that your home insurance cover is comprehensive enough for your needs. For instance, do you have sufficient building and power surge cover?

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