Hairy back or chest? We've got you covered: Part 2

Manscaping do’s and don’ts

07 June 2018 - 11:40
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No one’s saying body hair isn’t allowed – some men are hairier than others. Experts recommend developing a daily routine rather than forking out thousands a month on professional grooming sessions at salons and barbers.

Facial hair

Just because you’ve been blessed with a full, connecting beard, doesn’t mean you don’t need to do the work in order to maintain it. And for those who don’t, ask your barber to recommend products that encourage hair growth.

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Featuring serrated stainless steel blades and an adjustable 9-length comb, Remington’s Beard Boss Beard Trimmer (R319) is ideal for keeping that stubble and beard in check.

Hawkins and Brimble Beard Oil (R152) contains almond oil, elemi oil, ginseng, shea butter, olive oil, argan oil, vitamin C and seed oil and to keep your beard and skin looking shiny and healthy while also preventing it from itching.

Just a short note: you can’t use the same equipment that you use to trim your facial hair for your nether regions.

For a close shave, you will need:
Remington Comfort Series Foil Shaver (R699 – on special for R489 until June 17)

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Chest and back

A chest with hair that snakes its way out of a button-up shirt or collar is a turnoff. Not to mention, it makes you sweaty and smelly. Bottomline: excessive chest hair needs to be trimmed.

But without exception, hairy backs need to be manscaped. If neither budget nor time allows for a back wax at a salon, it is possible to sort it out on your own.

You will need:

No Hair Men Hair Removal Cream with conditioning oil (R58.99)

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Ears and nose

Nose hair has a purpose – to keep the dust and dirt from entering the nasal cavity. Tweezers or a pair of blunt scissors are great for pulling out stray hairs at the root. Approach with extreme caution as these are delicate body parts.

You will need:

Face Flat Tip Tweezer (R33.99)
Ben Cohen Nose Hair Scissors (R160)


The answer to the popular question of whether men should shave under their arms is: “If you’re already doing some form of manscaping and you’ve got your shaver out, why not keep going,” according to a Men’s Health article. How much of it you should trim is a personal choice but the current trend does not point to a clean, close pit shave.

You will need:

Remington Apprentice Hair Clipper (R257 – on special for R214 until June 17)

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