World’s most expensive holiday sold at $1.5 million

23 April 2013 - 10:12 By AFP Relaxnews
Taj Mahal. File photo
Taj Mahal. File photo

A luxury vacation package costing $1.5 million, dubbed "the world's most expensive holiday," has been sold to an unnamed Chinese man.

The luxury holiday takes in all of UNESCO's spectacular 962 World Heritage Sites, spans over 157 countries and lasts one year. Costing $1.5 million, the package was put together by luxury travel company Hurlingham Travel and sold through exclusive e-commerce site 

After first being offered last month, the luxury package has been sold to an "unnamed man from China," according to a report in the UK's Guardian.

Though neither VeryFirstTo or Hurlingham Travel have released press statements on this matter, the report indicates that the buyer is studying for a PhD, though little else is known about the man who will embark on his luxury travels next year.

The report also indicates that the site received a total of 15 enquires into the "the world's most expensive holiday package."