10 tourist destinations to avoid in 2018

From overtourism to renovations and scaffolding, Fodor's new 'no go' list ranks places to skip next year

21 November 2017 - 11:47 By AFP Relaxnews
Galapagos Islands is top of the list to avoid visiting in 2018 on Fodor's list because of its environment.
Galapagos Islands is top of the list to avoid visiting in 2018 on Fodor's list because of its environment.
Image: © Konstik/Istock.com

The Galapagos Islands tops an unusual index of the top places to avoid visiting in 2018. At a time of year when travel brands usually trip over one another releasing forecasts on the top trending destinations to visit for 2018, Fodor's is bucking the trend and has released a 'no go' list. 

"This planet offers an abundance of majestic vistas and fascinating culture that we recommend you seek out often," reads the opening editorial.   

"But this world is also more than a static viewing point. As travelers, we are witness to the many misfortunes that happen upon our world. Travelers must decide how and where we can concern our efforts to observe and preserve the splendor of life around us, and we do that with everything from our currency to our presence." 

Destinations chosen reflect environmentally sensitive destinations, tourist attractions that are undergoing major renovations, politically unstable and dangerous countries, and places where racial tensions are high. 

Topping the list is the Galapagos Islands which editors suggest should be avoided so as not to upset the fragile, vulnerable ecosystem. 

"...Even if you follow the rules to a tee, seeds or tiny insects still find a way to reaching the islands and wreaking havoc on endemic populations," they write. 

"So be very careful when considering the Galapagos as a destination because once the things that make it such a magical place are gone - the fearless animals, the unique species, the otherworldly environments - we'll never get them back." 

Here are the top 10 destinations on Fodor's No List 2018: 

The Galapagos Islands: environment 

The Taj Mahal: renovations and scaffolding in 2018  

Phang Nga Park, Thailand: environment  

Myanmar: human rights violations, political unrest 

Mount Everest: danger, environment 

Missouri: racial tensions, discrimination 

Honduras: violence 

Great Wall of China and Beijing, China: air pollution, overtourism 

Cuba: danger