If you have THIS bad habit, you may just be the plane passenger from hell

25 May 2018 - 11:03 By AFP Relaxnews
The smelly traveler is considered the "passenger from hell."
The smelly traveler is considered the "passenger from hell."
Image: 123RF / Martinkay78

Another survey asking flyers to rank the most offensive and annoying in-flight habits  shows that more than the seatback kicker and seatback recliner, it's the smelly traveler  who is considered the "passenger from hell." 

In a survey from Airlineratings.com, readers ranked flyers with poor hygiene as the most offensive type of passenger -- not surprising given there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide when stuck with a particularly malodorous seatmate on either a short or long-haul flight. 

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Even if you've showered that day, the findings also suggest you might want to reconsider taking off your shoes in-flight if you have a propensity for sweaty feet, and ordering the garlic and onion-free lunch before boarding.

The results differ from a similar Expedia survey published last month, in which the seatback kicker was deemed the most annoying type of flyer for the fourth year in a row. 

After smelly seatmates, runaway kids and seat recliners round out the top three in-flight gripes at Airlineratings.com.

Taking a flight this year? You might want to take care to avoid the following top 10 offending behaviours if you don't want to be the flight pariah. 

1. Poor hygiene; 
2. Hands-off parents and runaway kids; 
3. Seat recliners; 
4. Armrest hoggers; 
5. Excess carry-on baggage;
6. Frequent bathroom visitor; 
7. Chatterbox; 
8. Aisle exerciser; 
9. Arrogant, demanding passenger; 
10. Window hogger, who pulls at the shades the entire flight.