Kruger Park trumps Maasai Mara as top vaycay spot: ranking

04 July 2018 - 13:59 By Staff Reporter
Giraffes in the Kruger National Park.
Giraffes in the Kruger National Park.
Image: 123RF/vencavolrab78

Heading to Kenya's Maasai Mara National Reserve to see the great wildebeest migration is a dream trip that tops many people's bucket lists. But according to a new ranking, a visit to our very own Kruger National Park could make for a more enjoyable vaycay.

The Kruger is one of two South African destinations to earn a spot on the US News & World Report's list of the top 12 African and Middle Eastern vacation destinations of 2018-2019. This annual ranking is based on travelers' opinions as well as expert and editor analysis. 

Cairo, Egypt, was the top-ranked destination to visit in the Africa and the Middle East. This was followed by our very own Cape Town in second position, then Marrakech, Morocco, and the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The Kruger National Park rounded off the top five.

The Kruger National Park was also ranked number nine in US News & World Report's list of the best national parks in the world, and 16th in their best summer vacations category.

The Mother City, with its "khaki-coloured beaches, rolling vineyards, sizzling cuisine, thriving nightlife, and, of course, the spectacular Table Mountain", was also ranked 7th in US News & World Report's best wine vacations category and 14th on their best winter vacations list.

Here are the results for 12 best places to visit in Africa and the Middle East, according to US News & World Report:

  1. Cairo, Egypt
  2. Cape Town, South Africa
  3. Marrakech, Morocco 
  4. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
  5. Kruger National Park, South Africa
  6. Dubai, UAE
  7. Seychelles
  8. Abu Dhabi, UAE
  9. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
  10. Jerusalem, Israel
  11. Luxor, Egypt
  12. Madagascar


If you're wondering which holiday destination is the best in the world, you'd be spot on if you guessed Paris.

Editors of US News & World Report have described Paris as "the pinnacle of art, history, culture and tourism." 

Here are the other destinations that made the top 10 in the US News & World Report's list of the World's Best Places to visit in 2018-19:

  1. Paris, France
  2. Yellowstone National Park, America 
  3. Rome. Italy 
  4. Tahiti, French Polynesia
  5. London, England
  6. South Island, New Zealand
  7. Phuket, Thailand
  8. Grand Canyon, America
  9. Dubai, UAE
  10. New York City, America