WATCH | Lionesses rescue male lion from cackling hyenas

27 November 2018 - 14:30 By TimesLIVE

Even the king of the jungle needs help sometimes. 

Amber Soames, a 19-year old student, captured the moment a young male lion was cornered by a group of hyenas near the Satara rest camp in the Kruger National Park . 

The lion was trying to protect a wildebeest kill that had attracted the cackling hyenas.

"This was when I knew something awesome was going to go down," Soames told Latest Sightings

As the hyenas start biting the lion's rear, it roars in anger. Responding to its calls, the rest of the pride comes to the rescue and send the hyenas scrambling.

With the hyenas dispatched, Soames said the lions fell asleep in the riverbed.