WATCH | Don't mess with this mother! Honey badger attacks leopard to save baby

05 February 2019 - 13:00
By timeslive

Honey badgers are among the most ferocious animals in Africa and this mother proved it by charging a leopard to save her baby.

Incredible footage, filmed by Sahara Wulfsohn, a 28-year-old guide at the Sabi Sands game reserve, shows the mother badger launching herself at the leopard which had the baby badger in its jaws. The leopard is sent scampering away by the much smaller badger. 

"The leopard launched its attack in a fury of claw and tooth with the small badger fighting bravely and valiantly but not really a match for the leopard. I was filming at this point and then noticed the mother badger running at speed towards the melee and rapidly displaced the leopard," said Wulfsohn.

"The sighting ended with the mother badger dragging her large cub by the scruff of the neck into a convenient and nearby hole in a termite mound. The young badger had probably broken its front right leg, but will almost certainly survive thanks to the strength and protection of its mother," Wulfsohn told

"Honey badgers do not normally form part of the diet of leopard, as they are renowned for their fierce temperament and savage fighting ability," added Wulfsohn.

The leopard learnt this the hard way.