Capetonians, rejoice: you're living in one of the world's 48 best cities

14 March 2019 - 00:00
By AFP Relaxnews
According to Time Out, nine out of ten Capetonians agree that the Mother City is beautiful.
Image: 123RF/Michaeljung According to Time Out, nine out of ten Capetonians agree that the Mother City is beautiful.

Cape Town has made it on to travel authority Time Out's list of the 48 best cities in the world.

The Mother City ranked 12th on the list, beating out tourist favourites Las Vegas (13), Barcelona (17), São Paulo (26) and Dubai (32). It was also the only African city to feature.

The ranking was based on the 2019 Time Out Index, a global survey which asked almost 34,000 people to rate their cities on everything from food, drink, culture and nightlife to relationships, community, local neighbourhoods and happiness.

According to Time Out, nine out of 10 Capetonians agree that their city is beautiful, with Table Mountain forming one of the most stunning urban backdrops in the world. Few other cities can offer mountain hiking, lazing on a beach, and checking out a vibrant food-and-drink scene all in one day.  


New York took the top spot in Time Out's 2019 list.

The Big Apple scored highly for its diversity and culture, with an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers (91%) agreeing that there's always something to see or do.

Rounding out the winner's podium are Melbourne, which scored highly for happiness, creativity and live music, followed by Chicago, home to the world's happiest people: an impressive 85% of Chicagoans said they felt happy in the last 24 hours.


Bangkok is the street food capital of the world with residents eating at food markets and street stalls on average three times a week.

Parisians are the most sociable. Though Parisians described their city as the least friendly, they actually emerged the most sociable in the survey. Parisians are more likely to go out to meet friends or visit an art gallery or museum on a weeknight (41%) than other cities.

The world's 12 best cities

Here's which spots came tops in the 2019 Time Out Index:

1. New York
2. Melbourne
3. Chicago
4. London
5. Los Angeles
6. Montreal
7. Berlin
8. Glasgow
9. Paris
10. Tokyo
11. Madrid
12. Cape Town

The survey also confirmed a long-standing cliché: Parisians have more sex on average than the rest of the world at 33 times a year. That could explain why they're also the most sleep-deprived: 66% said they felt tired and sleep-deprived over the last 24 hours.

Manchester is home to the world's biggest drinkers. On the flip side, they're also the biggest sufferers of hangovers (25 days a year).

Berlin is the healthiest and most ethical city. Germany's capital city is the spot where residents are most likely to be vegan or actively reducing their meat intake (8 and 29% respectively); it's also home to the highest proportion of teetotalers (25%). The city also ranks the best for live music.

Mumbai is home to the most cinephiles, which is not surprising when you consider it's HQ of India's Bollywood. Residents here see an average of 31 movies and 24 shows or plays a year.

Hong Kongers eat out more often than anyone else in the world thanks to the city's dynamic dining scene.

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