WATCH | Buffalo caught between lions and crocodile makes amazing escape

09 April 2019 - 14:29 By TimesLIVE

Caught between a hungry crocodile and an eager pride of lions, this buffalo had fortune on its side. 

Thuli Khumalo, head of Atamela Tours, captured this sighting at Transport Dam, near the Skukuza camp in the Kruger National Park.

The footage starts with the buffalo attempting to flee the lions. Unable to lose them, it decides to run into the dam for safety. 

However, the water isn't safe either. A crocodile appears and attempts to clutch the buffalo in its jaws. 

The buffalo seems to think it has a better chance against the lions and returns to dry land.

After being chased by the large cats for a while, the buffalo's herd comes to its rescue - and then it's the lions' turn to flee!

"When buffaloes are under threat, they will call for help. Luckily for this buffalo, his calls were answered," Khumalo told Latest Sightings.