WATCH | Eagle tears snake apart and eats it while it's still alive


19 July 2019 - 11:09 By TimesLIVE

All the puff adder could do was squirm on the road as an eagle started tearing it apart. 

Footage of this gruesome sight was captured by Graeme Mitchley while he was heading back to the Lower Sabie camp in the Kruger National Park. 

The puff adder was slithering across a road in the Kruger Park when it was attacked by a brown snake eagle.

He said "it was pretty gruesome to watch as the eagle began to eat and tear the snake apart while it was still alive."

"I felt sorry for the snake and it was a sighting that was not easy to watch. Not many people like snakes but this was a painfully slow death."

The snake eagle tore the puff adder in half and soon after flew away to enjoy his supper with only the tail end in his beak - the end without venom, said Mitchley.