WATCH | Lions dig squealing warthog out of burrow in 'incredible' sighting

06 August 2019 - 11:28 By TimesLIVE

This is the moment two lions trap a warthog and have him for lunch.

Kosie Lategan, a field and safari guide, told more about the incident:

"We were out of the lodge first for an early-morning drive when we spotted two male lions standing about 100m down the road. These two are known as the Avoca males. They control the southern section of the Sabi Sands and cross the Sabi River into the Kruger from time to time.

“As we got closer to where they were stationary, we noticed what looked like an aardvark burrow that the two lions were digging into. It wasn’t long after we stopped close by that they started digging at the entrance of the burrow again. We could see that something must have caught their interest inside the burrow, so we decided to watch and wait.

“We watched for a while and they both started digging with more intent, the one almost not giving the other a chance, and that’s when we knew that they were on to something. Soon after, one of the lions stuck his head into the burrow, while the second lion followed. Then, all we heard was a warthog squealing. The lions pulled the warthog out of the burrow with so much power that they even pulled out the roots of the bush the burrow was dug under.

“ This was the first time I have ever seen anything like this. This is the kind of sighting I will remember for a very long time.

“As a ranger, we try to remind our clients and other safari lovers that it is important to stay patient. There were a few minutes that passed when the lions were resting and one could have thought that they had lost interest.

"The earlier you get out in the morning, the better the chances are of you being able to witness something this incredible."