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Can I renew my South African passport before it expires?

Worried it might lapse before your next trip? We know what to do

22 September 2019 - 00:00
By paul ash AND Paul Ash
The South African passport.
Image: Brand SA The South African passport.

Q. Is it possible to renew a passport before it expires? Ours expire in January 2020. We are planning a cruise at the end of April 2020. We would like to get the ball rolling, while the cruise agents need copies of our passports. - Rosemary Arangies

A. According to the department of home affairs, you should apply for your new passport six months before the expiry date of your current document.

You can now apply through certain banks - go to and book an appointment to have your biometric data captured.

If you live in Joburg, Pretoria or Cape Town, you will be able to select a bank branch that has home affairs facilities.

Once you have made the booking, pay the R400 fee online and make sure you are at the bank at the appointed hour to have your fingerprints and photographs taken.

This service has become extremely popular, so I recommend you start as soon as possible.

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