WATCH | Snake eats screeching frog while it is still alive

01 October 2019 - 12:24
By timeslive

This is the moment a snake shows a frog the meaning of being eaten alive.

The footage was sent to by Jan Ondrej, a 35-year-old electrician, who filmed the incident while cycling with his friend at Magurka Mountain in Poland. 

"We heard a very strange screaming noise just a few metres away from us coming from the side of the road. There was not much wind but the leaves on the ground were jumping round like there was. We stopped and went closer to have a look at where the sound was coming from," said Ondrej.

"We watched with mixed emotions as the power struggle between amphibian and reptile continued. The frog kept trying to enlarge its body size by taking big breaths of air to blow itself up like a balloon so it would be too large for the snake to fit into its mouth. The frog also tried to bend its leg in an attempt to make it harder for the snake to swallow it.

"For a while, it seemed like the frog was winning the battle as it tried to escape with only one foot in the snake's mouth, but the snake was smarter and positioned the other leg of the frog straight into its mouth, and from there it was an easy lunch."

Ondrej said he was amazed that the snake carried on swallowing the frog little by little while it was still alive, and screaming so much.

"I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life. I never knew a frog can scream that much."