WATCH | Hyena learns tough lesson about climbing trees

26 November 2019 - 12:27 By timeslive

A video of a hyena in a tree in the Kruger National Park shows why the animals are not known for their climbing ability.

The footage, filmed by Steven Hayley from the UK, shows a hyena climbing a tree to feed on an impala carcass. It then fights with another hyena to secure its food.

While taking bites from the carcass, the hyena misplaces its foot and falls out the tree.

“Even after it fell from the tree it got straight back up to try again. I found this unbelievable, especially after such a heavy fall,” said Hayley.

“Eventually the hyena came back down the tree to assess how best to get the meal on the ground, but he wasn’t sure. The two hyenas ended up fighting for the scraps that had fallen to the ground and finally gave up and left.”