WATCH | Leopard walks right into lion ambush

12 February 2020 - 12:58 By TimesLIVE

Watch this incredible moment when an inquisitive and opportunistic lioness sets her eyes on what she decides could be an easy catch.

Valentin Lavis, a safari guide, was at the perfect spot at just the right time when he caught this rare sighting at the Etosha National Park in Namibia.

Lavis recalls that the day started with an elephant herd crossing and the highlights included a tower of giraffes drinking and a honey badger having a mud bath. About 5pm they decided to do a last waterhole visit before heading towards their camp to watch the sun set.

“A beautiful lioness was sitting in the open not too far from the water. I soon spotted another animal drinking at the waterhole but it looked way smaller than the lioness ... A leopard!”

The lioness started stalking the young female leopard who wasn’t even aware of the lion's presence.

The lioness stalked quietly, waiting to get close enough to the leopard before launching, but as her excitement built up, the leopard noticed movement and became aware of the deadly threat. For a moment, the two stared at each other and the lioness launched just as the leopard turned and ran off into the thicket.

After missing her chance, the lioness turned back towards the Mopani thickets where she had initially been lying.