WATCH | What happens when a flight attendant tries to work from home

02 April 2020 - 15:50 By AFP Relaxnews

WATCH | What happens when flight attendants work from home. WARNING: Video contains swearing.

A YouTube skit produced by a Canadian couple has the internet chuckling at the scenario that imagines a flight attendant bringing the work home.

In full flight attendant gear — neck scarf, white blouse, regulation skirt, shoes and upswept hair — wife Kristen gives her husband, YouTuber, magician and entertainer Wes Barker, an in-flight safety briefing, offers him “a sweet or salty snack” and tries to sell him his own booze during a duty-free sale.

“Are you literally trying to sell me my own alcohol?”

“So would you like to purchase some duty-free?”

Pointing to a bottle of Jameson, husband shouts, “I got that for my birthday!”

“So is that a no?”

Are you literally trying to sell me my own alcohol?

The sketch nails down the flight attendant's day to a T, from sneaking in a snack while they can behind the curtain in the galley and calling their partners from their hotel room during layovers to trying to eat their lunch in peace by the lav.

The lighthearted video comes at a time when the global health pandemic has put millions of airline workers and flight attendants out of work. Airline workers have also been giving the video rave reviews for capturing their lives so accurately.

“Love love love this!” wrote one viewer. “I've been a flight attendant for over 36 years and this completely captures our lives on-board the aircraft ... You deserve an award by the association of flight attendants and everyone else!”