WATCH | Cornered crocodile fights off pride of lions

30 April 2020 - 06:58 By Unathi Nkanjeni
Cornered crocodile fights off five lions
Cornered crocodile fights off five lions
Image: Latest Sightings Kruger

In the Sabi Sands area of the Kruger National Park it is a case of survival of the smartest animal.

In a recent video shared by Latest Sightings, a crocodile  fought off a pride of lionesses and cubs after it was caught trying to steal their waterbuck meal.

The video was taken before lockdown by 61-year-old Vernon Cresswell, who was tracking a pride of lions in the Talamati Pride area.

In the video, the crocodile can be seen targeting the remains of a waterbuck that the pride had left behind but it soon found itself surrounded by five lions.

The pride can also be seen provoking the crocodile before it finally snapped.

Watch video below

“At first, it seemed they toyed with the crocodile to test his reflex and speed. Soon after this toying, the crocodile let off a massive snap as it clenched its jaw,” said Cresswell. “The crocodile snapped his jaws at the lions in an attempt to defend itself. This caused the lions to launch a full-on mob at the crocodile."

The lions were taken by surprise, but their reflexes were faster than the speed of the crocodile, and they soon got the upper hand. "The crocodile sensed it had no chance and scurried back towards the water, finally disappearing into the dam.”