WATCH | Impala realises too late that it walked into a trap set by cheetahs

14 July 2020 - 15:54 By Rethabile Radebe

A female impala found itself trapped between a rock and hard place when it unknowingly walked into a trap set by three cheetahs.

A game ranger at MalaMala Game Reserve in Mpumalanga, Michael Tilley, captured the jaw-dropping sighting. In the video footage the impala is seen moving closer to where the three predators were hiding behind a termite mound and ready to pounce on their prey.

Tilley said the trio of wild cats consisted of a mother and two sub-adult cubs.

“With a strong wind blowing from the south, and the large termite mound keeping the cheetahs out of sight, a single female impala was now heading straight towards the lurking predators. We watched from the edge of our seats, amazed by what we were witnessing.” 

The impala's attempt to escape the agile predators was a dismal failure, with the trio capturing and devouring it.