WATCH | Nature at its most raw and cruel: lions pulling foetus from giraffe

WARNING: The video contains gruesome footage and is not for sensitive viewers

17 July 2020 - 08:19 By Unathi Nkanjeni

This is the heartbreaking moment when a giraffe foetus was pulled out from the mother's stomach by lions at Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga.

In the video, which was shared on Latest Sightings, lions can be seen feasting on the mother after she failed to fight off the predators.

This  sighting was captured by Foxy Crocodile Bush Retreat lodge owner, Mark Fox, who described the feeding as “unusual”.

“It was interesting to watch the seven male lions as they all seemed to be taking turns in the early morning to eat on the giraffe,” said Fox.

“This was not the usual feeding, like a buffalo for instance, or the kind of sighting where the lionesses are around, the males seemed to be content with eating as they pleased.”

Fox said it took almost a whole day for the lions to eat the giraffe and he noticed later that the giraffe was pregnant.

“Throughout the day, they continued to slowly eat on the giraffe and at some of the times, there were two or three lions but never the whole pride together. They all seemed very relaxed with all the cars around,” he said.

“At one point, you could see the legs of a calf protruding from the giraffe’s half eaten body, which meant that she was pregnant at the time.

“The memory of the sighting will always remain as a male lion took the foetus from the giraffe and strutted off into the bush to eat on his prize,” Fox added.