WATCH | Lioness makes off with five cheetahs' meal

28 August 2020 - 07:08 By Unathi Nkanjeni

A new video from Latest Sightings shows a dramatic stand-off between a lioness and five cheetahs fighting over a dead impala.

The video was captured by Dante Bester, a sales representative, who was on a full day self-drive in the Kruger National Park.

Bester said the lioness made away with a cheetah's kill in an open area close to Crocodile Bridge.

“We were so busy trying to follow the other cheetahs that we completely missed the mother cheetah making an impala kill right in front of our vehicle,” said Bester.

“The mother is known as the Supermom in the area and was calling her four sub-adult cubs. We thought ourselves to be extremely lucky, seeing five cheetahs and a kill.”

The video shows the lioness approaching the cheetahs, aware of the kill just made, before things got tense, and the sub-adult cubs running away while the Supermom stood her ground.

“We were taking photos of the sighting when I noticed a change in the Supermom’s behaviour, so I looked around to see if we could spot the threat. In the distance, I saw a lioness approaching the cheetahs, obviously aware of the kill just made.

“Things were getting intense as the lioness kept approaching closer and closer. By this time the sub-adult cubs ran away while the Supermom stood her ground for a while longer, until she finally hid behind fallen trees keeping a close eye on the approaching lioness,” said Bester.

He said the sighting was “amazing”.

“One cannot really describe the feelings during a sighting like this, just try to take it all in.”