WATCH | Python strikes at cars and then crawls inside one

08 July 2021 - 14:00 By kyle zeeman

Imagine going on a drive through the Kruger Park only to have a snake slide into your car.

Snakes are cold-blooded so with the winter season they often seek heat, like in the engine of a car.

In a video captured by 40-year-old nature guide Kerry Balaam and Raj Chinsamy, a python can be seen in the middle of the road striking cars that pass by.

In its retreat, it heads not to the bush but into the engine of a car

Those on the game drive are heard sharing shock at finding out the “missing” snake is in their vehicle and a rescue soon is under way.

“Jan, who is also a guide, was on the drive with me and offered to help Arun remove the python from the engine ... The python was pulled out reluctantly and then released back into the bush.

“After the sighting, we were all in high spirits as python are not often spotted in the park,” Balaam told Latest Sightings.