13 hard-hitting quotes from Luister, the documentary about Stellenbosch University racism

24 August 2015 - 16:21 By Pearl Boshomane

A documentary about racism at Stellenbosch University has many talking and tweeting furiously since its release on August 20.

Produced by publishing house Contraband, the 34-minute video features 32 students (and one lecturer) sharing their personal experiences of racism from university management as well as fellow students.

The students have a lot to share. These are just 13 of the most hard-hitting things they say:

1. "I feel like it's wrong to be black. I sometimes ask myself when I'm alone, 'Why did God make me black?'"

2. "They said: 'If you don't speak Afrikaans you don't belong here.'"


3. "The colour of my skin in Stellenbosch is like a social burden... Just walking into spaces, there is that 'stop, pause and stare', where people cannot believe that you would dare enter into this space."

4. "I'm not willing to sell my soul to whiteness."

5. "White Afrikaans guys… have the freedom to walk around drunk on Saturday nights, make noise, holler… as soon as I as a black person become rowdy everyone is there to tell me, 'No, stop what you’re doing. Sit down.'"

6. "It goes as deep as having to die as a black person in order to survive at Stellenbosch."

7. "I wouldn't want my son, or anyone who is related to me… to go to Elsenburg [an agricultural college near Stellenbosch University]. I'd rather kill them than for them to go there."


8. "I cannot after 23 years of freedom, be fighting to simply go to classes that I pay for, like any other student."

9. "It has been enforced on us as black students especially that you just have to be docile, [that] you're fortunate to be here."

10. "I once went to the toilet, and this guy was going to use the same toilet – there are two toilets on our floor – [and] he switched, he went to another toilet. Just because I came [from that toilet]."

11. "They said: 'What are you doing here? Are you not supposed to be in the zoo?'"

12. "I can't deal with the constant feeling of feeling unwelcome, in my own country."

13. "There's a culture of trying to silence black voices."

Watch the full documentary below: