Watch: Aerial footage shows inequality in Cape Town suburbs

26 May 2016 - 13:10
By Staff Reporter

Aerial footage by photographer Johnny Miller has highlighted some of the discrepancies in how people live in areas of Cape Town.

The videos are part of a series Miller launched to highlight inequality in South Africa.

On his facebook page he writes, "The beauty of being able to fly is to see things as they really are. Looking straight down from a height of several hundred meters, incredible scenes of inequality emerge. Some communities have been expressly designed with separation in mind, and some have grown more or less organically."

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Nomzamo/Lwandle is a township bordered by the communities of Strand and Somerset West - with a stretch of land buffering the poor community from their wealthy neighbours.


Imizamo Yethu in Hout Bay is a poor, densely populated area surrounded by wealthy estates. In some cases the distance between shacks and wealthy homes is only a few meters.


This aerial footage shows the distinct divide on the Southern Cape Peninsula between the poor community of Masiphumelele and the suburb of Lake Michelle on the other side of the greenbelt.