FREE TO READ | The unique firsts that are Made in SA

In this issue, in a range of categories and sectors, local imagination and innovation give us much to be proud of

29 June 2021 - 11:59
South African innovation has a truly global reach.
Image: 123RF/karandaev/Sunday Times South African innovation has a truly global reach.

From the products that we love to share with foreigners to the brands that have been exported to the world, we can proudly say that SA has achieved a true global reach.

We take a look at sectors as varied as our wine industry and the local pet care market, and also those manufacturers who are working hard to save the planet, including one local hero who has designed high-quality, reusable and eco-friendly sanitary pads.

A unique retail concept in Cape Town caters to a new generation of consumer, while local students have stepped up to the plate, developing solutions for a more sustainable and healthy approach to living.

Many of our standout start-ups — including those in the visual arts, craft and design — are affecting the economy both through local sales and the export market.


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